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  Insulation is one of the best investments you can make in your home. It provides year-round comfort and savings in three different ways

Proper insulation will lower your energy costs

   Insulation keeps your home warmer in the winter, this lowers your heating costs. In the summer, insulation keeps your home cooler, which eases the load on your air conditioner.

Reduces Sound

   Insulation absorbs sound, reduces the unwanted noise from kitchen appliances, electronic equipment,  and other sources of sound that come  through your walls and floors. Insulation also keeps your family more comfortable by helping  your furnace or air conditioner to maintain a constant temperature. Thus reducing the cost of operation.

Healthy home

   When insulation is installed right it helps to prevent the build up of mold and mildew in your walls, air ducts an ceilings that can happen when moisture becomes trapped. This keeps your home and family healthy. Improper installation of insulation causes  mold and mold can be very unhealthy for your family.

   For a proper install of insulation in your basement, garage or renovation project gives us a call and we will be happy to do it right.

If you would like a free quote  for insulation or any of our other services feel free to call
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We offer a variety of drywall options for our customers and help throughout the entire process, making drywall installation easy and care-free.
Accuracy and precision are the key components of every successful drywall installation. Our quality craftsmanship and dedication will ensure that your drywall is of the highest possible quality. 
Drywall installation increases fire and moisture resistance, improving energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality. Because it is very important, it is always recommended to hire the right drywall company to install your drywall.

The Tapers is a drywall contractor with over 30 years of experience hanging drywall. We work with general contractors,  builders, and homeowners throughout the entire installation process. As a result, we enjoy a consistent client base due to our commitment to premium drywall practices.





Drywall installation isn’t complete without taping and mudding. Without the proper tape and mud, your drywall is prone to cracking. To prevent any cracks from happening to your walls hire the right drywall company to tape and finish your drywall.

The Tapers provides professional drywall taping services 
We treat every project as if it were our own and always aim to go beyond our customer’s expectations. We use only the best material and pay close attention to the details.



living room

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Ceiling and Wall Repair

ceiling repair

Whether you would like to install a drywall ceiling or repair an existing one, The  Tapers can help. We offer drywall ceiling repair and installation.When you notice signs of damage it is best to contact professionals as soon as possible. This will prevent issues from escalating and causing more serious damage. Call us for a free consultation if you notice any damage to your ceiling. We will be able to tell you what the root cause of the damage is and how to fix it. Our drywall repair services, we can help restore your ceiling back to brand new.
We help with:
Stains and peeled off paint, Saggy drywall, Small and large holes, Cracks, Mould growth, Texture repair